Forensic Accounting

by Leverage Models

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  • Limited Edition Cassette: Forensic Accounting EP
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    Limited edition cassette EP released on Hometapes. 2nd EP released by Leverage Models. Hometapes sadly defunct, i.e. THERE WILL BE NO REPRESS. D

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Idiot Grace 05:13
This is a long drive so tell me stories (I'm kind of curious now who 'they' are). How many tigers? How many bodies? This conversation's headed for the silent parts. What is it I know piling up to show the weight of catalogs in pleasant light? How are your parents? …and will they take us? …and will our lungs appear to glow with light? In for the day and out for the week, I'm losing today (and happy to leave). Get out of the way. Get out of the car. Run over the cup (there's grace in "too far"). Is tonight a judgment day? Are they coming for us? don't we want to go? <--------- It's so dumb it's beautiful. You're an idiot grace and I want you. Tongue-tied too often…honey, I'm small. You drive the mewling eyesore, I'll kick our goals. Get out of the way. Get out of the car. (…) You're an idiot, Grace, and I want you.
Oh, just go and make it alone, O. You go and shake it at home. Love, go and make it a "no". Home: break it on loan. Last call for a lousy show. A way forward, 'cause I"m all over love…for a long time I saw this, it was slow (losing my mind). You've got a better one (so ha.ha.ha.). "My country 'tis of thee" only for takin' down. We rock the loneliness with animal sounds. Sometimes it sounds like: "haahahhoooohooohaharrowwwrgrggraaashshallHOhoHOOOoahowaaoooaahw(@*)(&(!@&*^*^!!!!!!" Spare the rod at home. Your reasons change -- a host of sighs. Embrace the juvenile hall (what good is hope if you're not gonna act it out?). Where are the trenches, shorty, you dig (you dig?)! [What will they think of us now?] Ascend the road in tithes. There is no time, there's only signs, signs, signs. Home. Just go and make it alone Go and shake it on your own. On!…your!….own! I claimed the child and i broke the door 'cause I"m all over love. For a long time I saw this. It was slow losing my mind. Stop. So call it "happier days" for show. It's only good if you say (believe me, I know!) Ascend the role in ties (there is no time, there's only signs). Embrace the juvenile hall. What good is hope if you're not gonna act it out?. Where are the treasures, shorty? You, dig? You, dig... [What will they think of us now?: Happier days!!!!!!!!!!! ]
I wore the other sun and both of us see the light. Ride up and say you're surprised. Just know that the rivers can write so still without an office light Little me, I can't go on. So slide over here. Dress in violet. Slide over here, I'd like to see you alone. For the rest, love, we could build a sort of railroad. So slide over here. I'd like to saddle you up. Think about when we cut ourselves alone (we couldn't wait to have tragedy of our own) -- how could i be so dull? It's out of fuel, it's out of view. You couldn't wait to have that hollowness in your bones, but I'm so full of all the things you've taken out of me. This was in the hallway…your class was alarmed…and I could just make out you covering your breasts with your arms. Awful! I was all full of smiles but I couldn't be where your wreckage… lies. Bare in my coat: you are an army, you are surrounded. Don't go home. I made a lateral move, I scored a good job…. Persuasively ugly, a history among irregular folks… A man with certainty, a man who dances like Shahid Kapoor -- that kind of greedy pull. And now our house is full of all the nouns that have vanished. So slide over here. Dressed inviolate. Slide over here. I'd like to see you alone. For the rest, love, we could build a sort of railroad. So slide over here, I'd like to saddle you up. ...I'm so full of all the things you've taken out of me… …There, in my coat, you are an army. You are ceramic. Don't go home… (You know there isn't anyone home. There isn't anyone home. You know. There isn't anyone…)
One would think (now that compliance is back in style) what we drink might show examiners what states survived. When we sing (full-throated thanks for the opportunity) soft dollars swoon. What you are: you are an auditor without a heart What I are: I haven't thought about it in awhile Will you stay, stave off the pundits for a single day? Take my arm (you know, it's just like school) Constant and visible animal games married to change mad about holes in the yard (anxiety waits to stable the harm). Harp on me, don't let go. Loosen my strings, Assembly of Rot, cricket my hope to sleep. We can play officers, capture me, sweet. I want that certainty (tell me I rate) to fashion instruments of great resiliency. Just keep the rates low (but how low can we go? My god, I'll show you all!) Are we losing them, Holy Ghost, by loosening up on the rope? I've got affection for you but i don't want to know what you are dragging behind your truck. [Oh--that's a benchmark, son] Here we are: In private equity is liver and rain Investigated, and you barely know my name. When I'm old I will be good, i will show love in time. I. Will. Show. LOVE. You know…it's just like school! (constant and visible…): **Footnote: coded compliments, back-stabbed and raw…bloodied…candy-coated…scheming…just to say i don't want to be alone.
Hammered 03:45
oooooooaaahhh. uuuuuunnnh. there are no words in Hammered.
Floating on this reef, I'm lying if I said that it's enough. I should have grown to lose control….who do you know? Winding up your girl (a better way to take you where you stand): "There is no time to call the church, so give me your hand" There is a cause to read you wrong. One tiny bird, awful and gone…Lord, set it down. They want to give you more to be unhinged about. Set it down, we're here to take you out. Lord! set it down. All of those begging for harmless goals on the yield curve had me low (nothing sold.) [but] we get shown when we're ready to dance. The sight of you in's funny but it sort of takes me home: you were an angel on the field, barking alone. We taught you to how to fix (a better way to play you where you lie) and then you burned that temple down and murdered the man (i.e., beam in your eye). There isn't cause to read you wrong -- one tiny bird: ugly, now gone (lord, set it down…they want to give you more to be unhinged about). Set it down, we're here to take you out. Lord...set it down. All of those baying foals -- handmade shawls in the basement -- held me close (even though we get shown when we're ready to dance). […doxology…]


Forensic Accounting is the 2nd EP released on cassette by Hometapes, and marked the digital release of the first two EPs, including Interim Deliverable. Whereas Interim Deliverable was largely a solo bedroom recording, Forensic Accounting was recorded mostly live by D. James Goodwin in the Isokon studio (Woodstock, NY), adding drummer Jeff Gretz (the first permanent member of the band), guitar god Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, John Zorn) on bass, and a horn section including Jon Natchez and Kelly Pratt (Beirut, David Byrne/St. Vnicent, Arcade Fire, War On Drugs).

”…suddenly you realize you’ve been slowly seduced. The bobbing head of the the cobra serpent has been staring you in the eyes. Then, whoa. This sucker bites hard, fangs bury deep into your subconscious and beg to you to listen again and again.“ - YVYNL on “Fleeced (Before the Lord)"


released October 11, 2011

Trevor Dunn: bass guitar (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
Christian Fields: electric guitar (1)
Jeff Gretz: drums/percussion: (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
Alexis Karl: voice (4)
Jon Natchez: saxophones (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
Kelly Pratt: brass (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)


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Leverage Models Warren, New York

Leverage Models makes pop songs about transubstantiation, ritual abuse, political apathy, divorce, white collar criminals, poverty, white liberal guilt, anxiety, & self-harm. with roto-toms.

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